Day 1: Zone D & E
  • Egyptian Cities
  • San Paulo
  • Seoul City
  • Theme: Pavilion of Footprint
  •  Space Home Pavilion
  • Japanese Industry Pavilion
  • Information and Communication Pavilion
  • Broad Pavilion
  • UBPA Display(North)
Day 2: Zone A & B
  • Bangladesh Pavilion
  • Kyrgyzstan Pavilion
  • Maldives Pavilion
  • Mongolia Pavilion
  • Afghanistan Pavilion
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Pavilion
  • Japan Pavilion
  • Iran Pavilion
  • Lebanon Pavilion
  • Uzbekistan Pavilion
  • Singapore Pavilion
Day 3: Zone C
  • Africa Joint Pavilion
  • Sweden Pavilion
One key learning point for this visit: PLANNING is utmost important. This phrase "When you do not plan, you plan to fail"applies here. There are lots of challenges to overcome despite the fact there's planning. And more importantly, plan with a realistic timeframe, and having to take into account of
  • The physical body condition - there's lots of footwork, there's lots of wait time (which is beyond imagination). 
  • The crowd - that's where one had an initial idea of how 'big' China is... just a small fraction, that's enough to drown us in nowhere
  • The local culture of queuing and squeezing... oh! It's a total eye-opener. Where's order when "Order" was hung everywhere at the covered areas of the queue? Unfortunately, the impression had not quite change, compared to my tramatised Nanjing departure. Just wondering, would that ever change?
  • The weather was unpredictable
All in all, am proud that the Asian country has done the continent proud! Who else is capable of hosting such a grand event with such huge success!? Of course, areas for improvement to make the whole experience an excellent one would be... PEOPLE :)

      Egyptian Cities

      This was the first exhibition area that I visited. There wasn't any crowd except 2 other visitors. Enjoyed the space and quietness to myself. Also the staff at the Egyptian area was very friendly and attempted to give an overview of some of the latest developements showcased here :)

      San Paulo

      I was drawn to the way the drawings and images were displayed:
      (a) At the entrance, while the pictures of the city could be just put up on a single surface (flat), it was layered in a very clever manner - when the visitor could see the buildings, layer after layer.
      (b) Another is the display of photographs on the tall wall make up of rotatable 'tiles'. Interesting and refreshing displays. This is pretty practical I thought - to serve practical purposes yet giving the asethetic look and feel :)

      Seoul City

      This is definitely one of the most popular ones in Zone E... I guess it's the K-pop wave. Oh yes, it shows how powerful is "Entertainment" when it comes to 'invading' into a foreign society... it's one of the main channels I guess. Yes... lots of people queuing up to take picture with a few 'digital copies' of the Korean stars like Rain. On the other hand, sometihing obvious is the technology that the city showcased, which is embedded in the activities in this venue.Of course, when there's free stuff, there were long queues...

      It's about digital art... when the computer, after capturing the photo, enhanced it so that it looked like an oil canvas paining. Ah! I also had one to bring home :)